MyVoucherCode’s unique Black Friday Campaign

With Black Friday only a few month’s away, we remember the war between shoppers on that fateful day last year. It’s akin to a battleground, where only one rule matters: Get out with the best loot. Interestingly though, many sites have started to make light of this sudden barbarity between shoppers, especially those that contribute to online marketplaces. MyVoucherCodes┬áis one of these sites, and they have just the ad to show how much easier it is to get your deals online than off. The contrast between the rough survival of the fittest mentality portrayed by the ‘chopper shopper’ and your average online shopper is excellently done. And clearly people agree as the video has quite a lot of views with a lot of likes.


The Prominence Of Black Friday For Online Businesses

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Offices of various online merchants and services were scrambling last friday to deal with consumer demand for all the special sale events online. The demand shows, with up to possibly two billion pounds being spent on various goods and services on that day alone. So much shopping was done that the total number of sales rose 16% from last Black Friday, a day that was already seen as the biggest shopping day of last year.

As you can imagine, this is an important day for online retailers and voucher businesses such as Monitise Content, who run one of the largest voucher sites in the UK. A lot of preparation goes into Black Friday. Throughout the run up to Black Friday Monitise Content ensures that all the content and deals on their site, MyVoucherCodes, is fully optimised and legitimate for customer use. Monitise focus on their brand pages especially, displaying deals from specific merchants on certain products such as consoles, clothing and jewellery.